Crick-Cake featuring Mighty Cricket Flour

Crick-Cake featuring Mighty Cricket Flour

The Cup’s bakers were approached in August 2019 by the makers of Mighty Cricket – a St. Louis based cricket protein company, to produce a cricket cupcake for the #CricketChallenge. Our bakers were excited for the challenge and created a delicious caramel filled sweet treat with an extra protein punch… making it a healthy cupcake! 🙂

The Cup’s “Crick-Cake” cupcake is a caramel-cinnamon cake, made with Mighty Cricket flour, baked with a brown sugar-pecan crust, and topped with caramel buttercream and sprinkles.

The Crick-Cake cupcake will be available October 1-31, 2019 only at our CWE location.

*contains shellfish allergen