Does The Cup Offer Custom Decorating?

While The Cup does not offer custom piping, we can have a custom stamp created for you to complement your event. (Please note: custom stamps cannot be made of copyrighted characters due to trademarking laws). Custom stamps cost $25 and require a two week lead time. Please contact your local store to discuss options with one of our managers.

We also have a selection of colored candy discs that can be added to any cupcake. We would be happy to substitute the "normal" toppings for two colors of discs per dozen. For an additional charge, fondant conversation discs (happy birthday, congrats!, thanks!, i love you, xoxo, happy anniversary, just because, thinking of you, have a great day) may be available at your local store.

If you live in the St. Louis area and are looking for additional custom designs, you can contact our sister store, The Cakery.


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